Proletarykitty (proletarykitty) wrote in teachinglust,

New Community?

I came across this communitity tonight through another communitity's members' lists. If that at all makes sense.

Anyway I am currently a university student, romantically involved with a professor, and aspiring to eventually become a professor myself. And yeah, the whole student-professor thing is a big fetish for me as well, although that is not the reason for choosing the profession as a career. But I will admit that if the opportunity arises, I will havfe only a slight hesitation about hooking up with students.

So yeah, I hope this communitity proves itself to be helpful and/or interesting. I am the first student that my professor has ever slept with, so when I asked him what is was like, I was rather intrigued to find out that professors are not immune to lust either. I've always wondered what the other side has to say. I also always thought LJ needed a communitity where students and professors can meet in an environment concerning such a sensetive sujbect safely.

Well that's my introduction and my thoughts on the matter. P.S. My LJ is public for those interested.
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